Discover Sinadinakis Winery
Organic wines from the Sinadinakis Family in Archanes

Winegrowing in Archanes since 1991

The Sinadinakis winery is located in the heart of Archanes, a family winery with passion for the winemaking. Our organic wines produced and bottled from the enologist Evangelos Sinadinakis and his family members. The secret of cretan wines Sinadinakis is its magnificent geolocation: our vineyards are located on sunny slopes, at the foot of the sacred mountain Giouchtas (Gr.: Γιούχτας).

The Production Process

Organic Farming

Everything starts from the right raw material. The grapes are growning using only organic methods, to maintain the natural microclimate of the soi.


We harvest with friends and family in the most authentic and natural way: with our own hands. The whole process takes place the morning hours, in order to maintain grapes freshness.

From us to your home

We bring the grapes to our winery on the same day to be pressed. After a (long) process the wine is bottled in our Family winery and delivered to your home.