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experience local/organic wines in Crete.

Our winery located in Archanes (Greek(Gr): Αρχάνες), a traditional settlement located in the heart of a major wine-making area of Heraklion (Gr.: Ηράκλειο), Crete (Gr.: Κρήτη). Archaeological evidence found in the area proving evidence of the uniqueness of Archanes location and climate as one of the most important wine-growing regions since the Minoan era.

The story behind a glass of Sinadinakis wine..

Sinadinakis The Sinadinakis winery is located in the heart of Archanes. A family company with passion for the wine. Our organic wines produced and bottled from the enologist Evangelos Sinadinakisom (Greek: Ευάγγελος Συναδινάκης) and his family members. In 1991, E.Sinadinakis decided to cultivate in the family vineyard several local varieties combined with the international varieties. Therefore, in 1997 Sinadinakis produced and bottled the first white wine with the name "Eltyna - Sinadinakis", whereas in 2000 the red wine "Kotsifali & Cabernet Sauvignon" and in 2007 the red wine "Merlot". All our wines are produced with biological methods with care for the environment and certified by "BIO Hellas". Small scale vinification with combination of traditional methods with those of modern enology.

Our philosophy..

An organic wine is a wine made from grapes that were grown using organic methods, without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients, chemicals and fertilizers (such as herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, etc.), to maintain the natural microclimate of the soil. To control weeds and pests, farmers work with nature, not against it, by improving the biodiversity of their vineyard. Thus, the vineyard becomes a self-regulating, natural ecosystem, which is able to deal with internal problems and eliminates the need for artificial and potentially toxic chemicals. The organic wines have a brighter color and a full-body taste and aromas. They contain more "live" vitamins and minerals since they are not lost during processing, and do not contain any extra - flavors, colors, preservatives and other "additives". In the organic wines, you can enjoy the whole palette of taste and ensures beneficial effects on the body. We love to produce and drink wine, and since we are a family company, we want to see the environment in which we live and the products we consume to be beneficial for all. All our knowledge, in combination with the traditional methods handed to us by our grandfathers, have created the organic cretan wines "Sinadinakis".

Archanes, one of the major wine-making area of Crete..

Archanes roads Archanes is located in the center of the most important wine and agricultural region of Crete. The village is located 14 km. south-east of Heraklion, at the foot of the sacred mountain Giouchtas (Gr.: Γιούχτας), and 9 km. south of the archaeological site of Knossos Palace (25-35 minutes drive). The landmarks of Arhanes - is hills and valleys, fertile valleys and rich flora. Archanes resembles a small neo-classical town surrounded by olive groves and endless vineyards. A romantic village full of blooming gardens, famous for the important archaeological sites, the interesting museums and the excellent restaurants and tavernas. Archanes is well known for its typical Cretan architecture. Many old houses in the village have been restored, and the village has been even awarded as the second "best restored village in Europe".

Vathypetro Under the modern city of Archanes is buried a Minoan palace. Currently excavations have revealed a small part of it. However, there are four major archaeological sites in the area, one inside the town of Archanes (a fenced excavation); sanctuary ruins of Anemospilia (Gr.: Ανεμόσπηλια), which discovered evidence of human sacrifice; A Minoan cemetery on the hill of Fourni/Phourni (Gr.: Φουρνή) (on the edge of the village) and the villa Vathypetro (Gr.:Βαθύπετρο) (4 km. south of Archanes), which discovered a wine press dating back to 1550-1450 BC. It is considered as the oldest in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the oldest in Europe. A visit to this place - the best preamble to explore the traditional winemaking, still existing in Crete. It is worthwhile to visit the area not only for the findings, but also for one of the most magnificent views of Crete.

The Secret of the Aromatic Wines Sinadinakis..

The secret of cretan wines Sinadinakis is its magnificent geolocation: our vineyards are located on sunny slopes, Kotsifali (cultivated only in the area of Arhanes and Peza; It has a high potential in terms of sugar content and special aromatic profile), and the Aegean varieties Mantilari, Vilana (different color and tannins wealth), combined with international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc provide us the raw material for various vinifications. Sinadinakis vineyards are located in the viticulture zone of Archanes and Peza, namely at four different locations: "Kolona" (Greek(GR): Κολώνα), "Loumata" (GR: Λούματα), "Trapeza"(GR: Τραπέζα) and "Vathypetro "(GR: Βαθύπετρο). The vineyards are cultivated only with organic farming methods. The crop is mild, yields of 2 to 2.5 kg / vine (600-700 kg / acre). The harvest is done manually in the morning hours, by the family members and our friends.

Recommended Trips

What to visit

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Minoan Trails

Take the road to Youktas montain and visit the Minoan Mansion in Vathypetro. (Follow the trails on foot or by car)

The temple of Afentis Christos in the top of the Youktas mountain offers a 360 degree panorama view! Fresh mountain air and the scent of Cretan herbs will fill your lungs along the way: oregano, thyme and sage. Recommend to follow the walking path to the mountain (Ask the local for directions)

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Music & Art

Take the road to Peza (by car), to visit the Nikos Kazatzakis Museum (Myrtia) & the Musical Workshop Labyrinth (Houdetsi).

Check opening hours since they can be closed. Recommend to visit the Houdetsi Music Festival (At the summer period). It is a 4-day celebration of music, dance, food and art that takes place in Houdetsi.

Cretan Food

Food & Drink

Archanes are also famous for their restorants offering outdoor seating with traditional cretan specialities.

In the square of Archanes you can find some exceptional restaurants to experience the Cretan specialities. "Kritamos" or "To Spitiko" are two places recommended by us. In the center of the square is the "Bakaliko" shop where you can drink a cup of tea or coffee with traditional cretan sweets and taste small mezedes, with a variety of local wines. Just at the edge of the square (in the old market of Archanes - on your right) two old Kafeneio "To Ploumi" and a little heighter "H Agora" are two good places to enjoy cretan traditional mezedes and sometimes hear some local music during the summer hot evenings..

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